My Journey

During my childhood in the early2000s I got into the theaterschool  in Zug, the  Kinder- und Jugendtheaters Zug. And as I was old enough to do so, I started to participate in as many different projects there I possibly could. My first real performance was in 2008 when I was 5 years old. But my very first experiences I had even earlier partaking in the plays of my local church.

After that first real performance in 2008 a spark was enlightened. I kept going to the acting school until 2013 but continued to be part of their projects long after that. On top of that I started taking drumming lessons in 2011 and singing lessons in 2015. Thanks to those I learned a lot about staying on beat and how to use my voice in a healthy and effective way. I also found a love of writing songs myself on both instruments.

Through my engagement in music as well as acting I got a growing interest in musicals. So, I started taking musical lessons  and partook in different projects in the musical school  Voicesteps in Cham. These lessons also brought me the the children's music group called Schwiizergoofen, for which I had the pleasure to sing on a total of 3 CD's.

In 2019 I then auditioned for the  Stage Academy Switzerland. I went on to study there for 2 years while also finishing my formal education at the FMS Zug. I graduated from the Stage Academy on the 11.12.21 with a Diploma of Performing Arts.

After my graduation I got to collect some great experiences in different projects like "1967" from the Bühne Luzern, the shortfilm "IT" from Seraphin Bossard and the Theaterfestival Meiringen. 

Now in the future I get the chance to start a full time arts education at the Alanus University of the Arts, which I look forward to greatly. You shall hear about that on my Instagram account from September on. So stay tuned!


Stage Academy Switzerland – Acting/Singing/Performance – Jasmin Clamor

Juli 2021
Schauspielschule Wien – Summer academy for Theater and Film – Markus Hippmann

Meet your Master – Online Workshop – Acting – Heiner Lautherbach

Superior Singing Method – Online Workshop – Singing – Aaron Anastasi

Dez 2019
Stage School Hamburg – Level–Up Workshop – Acting/Singing

Juni 2019
Stage School Hamburg – Intensiv Workshop – Acting/Singing/Dance 

Seit 2015
Music school Zug – Singing – Veronika Stalder

Music school Steinhausen – Drums – Peter Preibisch

Kinder- und Jugendtheater Zug – Theater – Stefan Koch

Voicesteps Cham – Musical – Guido Simmen